Ted & Deb Scheniman
Hornepayne, Ontario

Ministry Focus

Ted & Deb’s mandate is to love the community where they are at. They run the food bank in the community, and this has opened many doors of opportunity for them to connect with the townspeople. Their goal for the church is to create family services where children are not only welcomed but they are invited to bring their parents along. So, the focus will be the kids as the primary discipleship contact. They want to lead by example and train up future leaders by loving and serving the community, building relationships and being available. 

Mission Statement: Show the love of Christ by example, be the hands and feet. And if necessary, use words.  

Ministry History

Ted and Deb pastor the only church with a permanent presence in the community. The Catholic Church has a priest that comes weekly for a Monday mass. The Anglican minister has not received the funding to come to the community more than every 3 months and there has not been a United Church minister for 3 years.

They have a small congregation of 13 people, which has continued to increase since they began in November 2019.

Prayer Requests:

  • For trust and love to foster within their community so that this church is a pillar of hope and family.

  • That children would be engaged and drawn into the ministry and soften the hearts of their parents through their love for Jesus.

  • For the congregants to continue to do the work of Jesus alongside Todd and Deb and that the couple can continue to pastor these people effectively in grace and love

Ryan & Heather DeWeerd
Dominican Republic, Latin America & the Caribbean

Ministry Focus

Heather and Ryan, along with their children, Liberty and Eddison, are called by God to the nations to equip and empower the national church in the DR and Haiti to fulfil the gospel mandate. As part of a larger team in the DR, they help direct strategic missions activities in the DR and Haiti, including: holistic community development projects, family ministries outreach such as training and developing girls through the Girls of Destiny empowerment program, directing their  multi-denominational bible seminary (SETCAR), running volunteer teams, pastors and leaders training conferences and workshops, and other related activities. Their team also runs a Child Care Plus ministry in one of the local communities they minister in. The heart of their ministry is to help leaders be whole, empowered, and full of the Spirit so they can effectively reach the lost and hurting in the Name of Jesus.

Ministry History

Heather grew up in Yarmouth and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and was called by God to missions during a missions trip to Mexico at age 19. After completing her Bachelors in Theology in the missions program at Master's College and Seminary, she completed her internship in Senegal then worked for the college for 7 years, and was a leader during their first years' missions program trips to the DR. Ryan grew up in the Toronto area, studied computer engineering at U of T and ministered in worship and youth in his local church in Brampton, Ontario. After receiving his call to missions at an Urbana Missions convention in 2005, he was led by God to join Every Day Ministries Canada in the Dominican Republic in January of 2007. Heather and Ryan met through Master's College first years' trips to the DR. They got married in 2012 and have been ministering together in the DR and Haiti up to the present day. Their two young children, Liberty and Eddison, attend school in Nagua, DR, and are an integral part of this ministry family!

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom and fresh anointing as we pastor pastors and leaders to be more effective in life and ministry.

  • For insight as we develop and give tools to the churches to reach boys and girls for Christ.

  • Protection and daily encounters with God for our kids Liberty and Eddison.

M & S
Restricted Access Nation

M&S are missionaries in Asia Minor and for their safety we keep their identity hidden. Please continue to pray for them as they are seeing God move powerfully.